The best wine has a story.

discover our story

The best wine
has a story.

discover our story


Our story is made of smiles,
diligence and wine

MyWine was born 5 years ago brainchild of Giuseppe Gianolio.
Everything starts in Cellarengo, a village behind Langhe and Roero the most renowned lands for wine.
MyWine is born to protect a land, share a tradition, safeguard a culture and drink good wine.
Today we are more than 60 members coming from different parts of the world but things are about to change.

"A good wine comes from

the hard work of good people"
Kristof Breyne - My Wine Vicepresident

Cellerina & Cellarengo

Since 2012 we cooperate with the National Research Center, which helped us to select a type of grape, the Cellerina, a native quality but almost disappeared.
In 2013 MyWine established a scholarship for high school students in the area.
The Wine School of Alba, the oldest and most prestigious of Italy, has allowed us to make wine in its cellars and in 2015 we bottled the first 600 bottles.


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